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Since we launched back in 2010 we have been selecting a wide range of artists to feature on the site.  Here are direct links to each of them.

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Web Link Catherine Mears

Catherine Mears is a designer/maker based in Nottingham, specialising in a range of unique kiln-formed glass work. Encapsulated text and imagery add depth and detail to her work which can be commissioned to suit any occasion.  She was our very first featured artist when we launched the site in 2012!


Web Link Jon Burgerman

He scribbles and doodles - everywhere.  He has dooded in the Heliumcowboy Artsspace, Hamburg, then in a window in Cologne and, before that, in New York.


Web Link Amy Youngs

We first came across Amy Youngs' work a few years ago while working on another project dealing with eco art. 

Amy works with bio items and had produced a digestive table which contains a digestive system using composting worms, sowbugs and bacteria.


Web Link Andy Wicks

Andy Wicks completed a year-long residency at the Florence Trust in London.

His paintings depict objects that might initially appear otherworldly or imagined, but are in fact real structures for mooring boats that can be seen - should you look - dotted along the River Thames. 


Web Link Rachel Welford

Rache works to commission creating bespoke architectural glass artwork, including window, door and wall panels, screens and installations for architectural application. She also produces artwork in glass and paper based media following her own independent creative ideas making artworks and installations for gallery, domestic interior or exterior environments.


Web Link Anthony White

Anthony White paints money.  Not the image of the object but the symbol and its value.

To date he has been working on an Australian Dollars, British Pound, US Dollars and Euro series which follow a very simple process.  White starts by painting a canvas with “£1”, for example, and then sells that work for the amount on the canvas - One Pound.  Once this is sold he paints the next value “£2” and sells it for Two Pounds.  


Web Link Emily Speed

Emily Speed is an artist based at The Royal Standard in Liverpool where she works in performance, installation, sculpture, drawing and artists’ books.

Emily explores the temporary and the transient through reference to architecture and the body. Examining buildings, both literally and metaphorically, as physical shelters and as containers for memory, her work explores how built space is bound with the history of its occupiers.


Web Link Robin Tarbet

Robin Tarbet graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2006 and is an artist based in East London. He was awarded The Stanley Picker Fellowship in Fine Art Print at Kingston University in 2006/07, where he continues to work as a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, whilst also being a regular Visiting Lecturer at Norwich University College of Art. Tarbet’s work combines two–dimensional media, photography, printmaking and live film with three-dimensional sculptural assemblages.


Web Link Cath Campbell

Cath Campbell's practice is dominated by an ongoing enquiry into the status, meaning and fabric of architecture. Taking Modernism as a point of departure Campbell re-appropriates architectural imagery from memory or imagination to create works that reinvent our associations with the built environment.



Web Link Jack J Hutchinson

London based artist Jack J Hutchinson's work evokes notions of automatic writing through the process of obsessive, compulsive mark making. Drawing is used as a way of confronting the inner self, with repetitive processes used to counteract deep-routed fears and anxieties.


Web Link K. Scott Kreider

Photographer and journalist K. Scott Kreider, based in Lancaster PA, captures images from his travels and day to day life that explore the many ways in which social and economic forces shape our landscapes and our psyches.  His straightforward compositions often point out the ironies and contradictions within our modern lives.


Web Link Rachel Wrigley

Rachel Wrigley works with various forms of documentation including photographs and casted objects. By manipulating, deconstructing and distorting the architecture and objects that are within the documents, she attempts to invent new forms, positioning them between the photographic two dimensional image and the three dimensional realm.


Web Link Bobby Sayers

Bobby Sayers forces us to question the value, function and beauty of our everyday environment. Sayers uses sculpture, photography, curation and participatory performance as a means of translating his ideas. Though elements of his practice seem disparate, they are all connected through his philosophy of highlighting beauty within the ‘now’.


Web Link Jane Wheat

Jane Wheat works with drawn marks as well as video and, apart from images of her mark-making you can view one of her videos using the link at the bottom of the page.



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