Getting Started in the Visual Arts

Angela Bartram is an artist working with live art, video and sculptural objects. Here she offers her top five tips for getting started in contemporary visual art (and how to…

How Rude are You?

Email Etiquett Quite frankly, we don’t often think about it as we dash off another rapid reply to clear the email inbox. But how are people perceiving you online when…

Working Together

If you are working on a group project and need to keep in touch with everyone, we show you how to do it effectively, online, for free. Collaborative projects crop…

5 Ways to Make Your Mark

Christina-Louise Frost offers some timely advice to artists who are about to make their mark. In a professional sense, a large part of your success depends on what people think…

10 Ways to Work More Efficiently

No matter what area of the visual arts you work in, we bet one thing that connects you all is an ability to “not do what you think you should…

Promote Yourself Online

Andrew Pepper, founding editor of, gives you his top 5 tips for promoting yourself online.

Approaching a Gallery

Gallery director, art collector and advisor, Jonathan Ross gives you his top 5 tips for approaching a gallery. 1. Go to art fairs and check out as many galleries…
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