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Pretty Posts is a way of promoting yourself, your work or your current project, using an attractive graphic page which can be viewed on the web.

Originally designed to enhance listings on services like Ebay and Craig’s List, it seems ideal for independent creatives who want something visual with a minimum of fuss.    Take the Ebay example: Instead of just your standard listing on Ebay, you can also include a link to a Pretty Posts page.  There you include extra info, graphics and images about your item.

What is brilliant about this is that artists and designers can use the service as a stand-alone promotional tool - and for free.

Go to Pretty Posts, set up a free account, select one of three graphic templates, upload images of your work or event, add some text in the designated boxes, add some headings and then use the web link generated to include in your email marketing.  It is also set up to automatically post your page to Facebook and Twitter so you can add extra coverage through those channels if you use them.

There is an advantage here.  You can send a very short text email to your list of contacts, including the link to your Pretty Posts page. They then click through and get to see a well-designed,  graphic and attractive page all about your event.

For an example have a look at one we made for WeLikeArtists.

Pretty Posts give you 50MB of free storage (so don’t upload massive image files) which means you can include photos of work, exhibitions or designs without having to put them on your own web site.  Great if you don’t have your own site yet but want to send out eye-catching graphic information to people in your email address list.

The only slight irritation is that because this is a US-based site, it insists on including an abbreviated code for a US State when you enter your address.  There doesn’t seem any way to remove it. This is why, if you look at our example, we appear to be based in AK, which is Alaska!!  Perhaps a small price to pay for an unusual way to shout about your activities with a dedicated online page.

Sign up for free at:

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