RocketHub functions like most of the other main players in the field in that you set a funding goal, a time frame and offer your backers incentives to encourage the to help you.

They are international and can accept funds from around the world.  Payment of your funds is either by cheque (who uses those these days?) or digital transfer.  Projects can be involved with art, business, science and social initiatives but, like almost all of the sites they will not deal with charity, equity funding or anything 'illegal'.  Quite why you might want to publicly fund an illegal activity online is beyond us.

If you do not reach your funding target they will still pay you what you have raised (so not an all or nothing system), however you pay a slight penalty in that their fee for helping you is doubled to 8%.  This is normal in the field and is there to encourage you to be realistic about your goals and work to achieve them.


If you reach your funding target

RocketHub - 4%

Payment processing - 4%

If you do not reach your target

RocketHub - 8%

Payment processing - 4%

The fee is 8% of which 4.5% goes to RocketHub and 3.5% covers transaction fees.


When they launched they were quite enthusiastic about their Rocket analogy with much talk of launchpads and 'fuel'.  Sadly, that seems to have taken a back seat in favour for a more straightforward view of their crowd funding options.

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