Damien Hirst's $38 Million London Museum

Damien Hirst's £25 million ($38 million) London museum is opening its doors to the public. Newport Street Gallery is a 37,000 square feet temple that Hirst has dedicated to his 3,000-work art collection, which has the rather YBA-esque name of Murderme.

More at: news.artnet.com

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Paolozzi’s Tottenham Court Road arches demolished

If you have spent time in London you will, at some point, have passed through Tottenham Court Road tube station and seen the Eduardo Paolozzi murals which sat inside four of the station arches.

Despite public protests and a petition that has attracted nearly 8000 signatures, Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed that three of the four arches at Tottenham Court Road station featuring murals by Eduardo Paolozzi have been dismantled.

More details:  a-n.co.uk


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Andy Wicks

Andy Wicks recently completed a year-long residency at the Florence Trust in London.

His paintings depict objects that might initially appear otherworldly or imagined, but are in fact real structures for mooring boats that can be seen - should you look - dotted along the River Thames. Existing some place in the no-man's land between improvisation and ordinary functionality, they appear alternately too decrepit for use, or else modern, robust and sturdy.

These mooring stations are called 'dolphins', an appellation that seems arbitrary given their utter lack of physical resemblance to the marine creature. Also seemingly arbitrary is their ad hoc composition and materiality: they can be built out of anything from pressure-treated pine to hardwood, reinforced concrete, or steel girders and tubes. Here, form follows function – but there is also a unity to their robust armature and tide-washed weathering, rusty iron, and agglutinated patches of algae fronds.

Wicks' paintings have a striking figure-ground contrast: the backgrounds are often rendered with a muddy-watery effect created by mixing resins, thinned oil paints and other mediums, which the artist agitates into  eddies of bare canvas and coagulated paint – a process that echoes the flow of the river itself.

Colin Perry, 2011, Originally Published in Florence Trust 2011 Catalogue

Image: Maria, 2 canvases at 89.5 x 56 cm, Oil on polyester, 2011


More details about Andy's work can be found here:

He is also on Twitter @StudioWicks


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