Gallery in Canberra offers naked tours of James Turrell's work

Thanks to artist Stuart Ringholt, you can take a guided tour of James Turrell's retrospective at the National Gallery of Art in Canberra. Sans clothes, that is.

Beginning in April, Ringholt will be leading three 50-person, in-the-buff museum tours—all of which sold out in just one day. Looks like institutions are seeking out new ways to entertain visitors.

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Turrell's Crater Open To Art Professionals For $6,500 Each!

The Roden Crater, artist James Turrell’s unfinished land art in the Arizona desert, will be open to a select group of people for a fundraising event–meant only for “serious patrons of the arts,” from May 14 to 17, reports Art News.

The artist acquired the land the crater rests on in 1977, and has since been working to transform the interior into a “naked eye observatory." Although very few people have seen the inside of Turrell's land art piece, but one of them is the artist's friend Chuck Close, as recounted in a New York Times Magazine profile of Turrell, who made the crater handicap-accessible for the wheelchair-bound his friend.

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Light Painting

Sometimes things come along and you just have to wonder at the ingenuity.  Pixelstick is a project being funded through the Kickstarter crowd funding site and takes the idea of waving a flash light around into a whole new category!!

Take a look at the video, which demonstrates just some of the things you can do with this proposed 'device'.  Drawing in space has never been so easy - if enough of us help fund it!  The makers are based in Brooklyn so, if you are familiar with the area, you might recognise some of the night locationst!

Light Painting Tool via Bubble

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