Refraction. The Image of Sense

REFRACTION. THE IMAGE OF SENSE is a group show curated by Peter J. Amdam. This exhibition brings together artists who accentuate how art operates in an era of new media, in a world which is organically and indiscernibly both human and non-human at the same time.

Peter Amdam commented: “The web stores, directs and administers our memories, dreams, affections, desires, longings, beliefs, afflictions, fears, perversions, morals, finances, political convictions and even bodily movement. It is a fluid container of the same arcane matter that art has attempted to both organise and dis-organise for centuries. One can now speculate about the post-human, a composite agency that still feels, senses and imagines the world around us, suggesting a deeply charged modulation on the way the aesthetic experience of art is conceptualised, sensed and imagined."

4 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BP

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