Not everything is about making money.  This site is completely free and designed to stay that way.  During our art, teaching and business careers our team and its advisors have gained a mass of useful and practical information about professional survival.  We wanted to make some of that hard-earned experience available to a much wider audience.

We want to help you to present yourself professionally and run you creative life more simply and efficiently. 

Whether you are an emerging artist, already established, just graduated or currently a student - you deserve MORE for less. 

Welcome to a new respect for artists.



Well, you - the art professional: fine artist, illustrator, maker, designer, curator....  We use the term ‘art’ broadly as we want to offer relevant information and advice to as many in the field as possible. If you think any of what we suggest here can help - take it, adapt it, develop it and then tell someone else about it.  The idea of open source materials, design and digital content is very popular at the moment.  The benefits are clear.

Some of the services and short-cuts might save you a couple of quid (or thousands in some cases).  If they do then spend what you save on your art - or having a good time - you probably deserve it!  It isn't easy being an artist (and no one said it would be) but there should be some breaks.

And - what does it cost? You ask.  Well....nothing.  Not a bean, nix, null, nuffink.  See, we saved you money already!  The site is completely free to use and, rather nicely we think, there are no adverts to distract you.

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