Jane Wheat

In 2013 Jane Wheat was selected, from a region-wide submission, to show 'Nest' in the Nottingham Castle Open.

As this 'Open' is one of our 'locals' (it takes place just up the road from where WeLikeArtists.com is put together) and because we worked with the Open to help out a little with information for artists on how to prepare work for submission, we wanted to select one of the artists in the show to feature here.  Jane is that artist. 

She works with drawn marks as well as video and, apart from images of her mark-making you can view one of her videos using the link at the bottom of the page.

2013, Gel pen on card

Working intuitively, the process initially takes precedence over the outcome. The physical engagement with support and mark making tool creates an intimacy and immediacy. Each line drawn echoes the last. A test of physical endurance and concentration, the repetition, layering and accumulation of lines unfolding to form mesh like structures.

2012, Gel pen on card

2013, Gel pen on card

Tonle Sap (stills)

An interest in the ritualistic characteristics of cultural events has underpinned an ongoing project focusing on a unique natural phenomenon, the reversal of the flow of Cambodia’s Tonle Sap River. The work explores the auspicious nature of the ceremony and celebrations surrounding the river. The film stills are taken from the video piece, ‘Tonle Sap’ which can be accessed here.

More information about Jane's practice and images/videos of her work can be found on her website: www.janewheat.com


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Jack J Hutchinson

London based artist Jack J Hutchinson's work evokes notions of automatic writing through the process of obsessive, compulsive mark making. Drawing is used as a way of confronting the inner self, with repetitive processes used to counteract deep-routed fears and anxieties.

Using both digital and physical processes, thousands of tiny pencil marks are organised into different forms where the micro construction and macro shapes are both evident. Within the surface's apparent simplicity, patterns reveal themselves.

They suggest anything from far distant galaxies to the inner workings of the human body. Drawings that leave us questioning greater things such as notions of time, space and human existence.

Over the course of 2013, Hutchinson will be producing 64 new digital drawings on iPad. Follow the Digogaphy project here:



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Cath Campbell

Cath Campbell's practice is dominated by an ongoing enquiry into the status, meaning and fabric of architecture. Taking Modernism as a point of departure Campbell re-appropriates architectural imagery from memory or imagination to create works that reinvent our associations with the built environment.

Drawing, sculpture, photographic works, film and large-scale installations combine to create a world of make-believe spaces inspired by encounters with plans for actual places that are closed off or inaccessible to her.

Campbell often works closely with architects, engineers and fabricators to create large-scale interventions that make use of the materials and forms intrinsic to a building. In this sense, Campbell's work often bears subversive implications, which subtly jibe at the conventions of public art. Rather than adding a new object to a given environment, she distorts or reorders existing structures in a way that enables a shift of both meaning and space.


For more information about Cath Campbell, visit her Axis portfolio: www.axisweb.org


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Jon Burgerman

Our very first featured artist lived just round the corner from the WeLikeArtists editorial computer.  We then spread our selection across the atlantic to the States and now, we are back locally with Jon Burgerman.

Jon lives across the river from us in Nottingham but has a seriously international profile.  He scribbles and doodles - everywhere.  He has dooded in the Heliumcowboy Artsspace, Hamburg, then in a window in Cologne and, before that, in New York.

The piece illustrated here is located in Bangalore, India.  Jon was flown over by AOL to create a mural at their Bangalore office for the employees to help colour in.

Apart from designing 3-D objects as well Jon has gone digital with his iPhone and iPad application Inkstramental (TM) which allows you to make ‘music’ by touching Burgerman doodled characters displayed on your iPhone and iPad screen.  

You can find more information about Jon’s exhibitions, work and products over at: www.jonburgerman.com

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