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CEWE Photoworld is part of Europe’s largest photo company, CEWE Ltd, which has been in operation for over 50 years.  Their main business is personalised photo products which includes photo books.

Customers like them and they have received 5 stars on the review site TrustPilot, based on over 8,000 reviews, so are probably worth considering if you need to produce a collection of images for a one-off catalogue or portfolio book.  

They offer a 100% money back guarantee and have a set of apps so you can make books (and other products) on the go.  Quite why you would want to do that we are not sure, but it does give you the flexibility to work on a tablet and other mobile device when the mood takes you.  Probably great for dashing off a quick birthday photo mug but you probably want to take more time producing your collection of work images in a book.


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Unbound is unusual in the filed in that it is VERY specific and only funds publications.  

A crowdfunding site for writers who fancy an ‘alternative’ way of getting together with readers who might like to fund their next book! It wants to give both authors and readers a greater say in which books get published and it functions very much like many of the current, and successful, crowdfunding sites.

Authors pitch their ideas, readers pledge money and, once the potential publication has enough supporters, the book gets written and each supporter receives either an ebook version or limited edition hard or paperback.

What is interesting is that if you cough up some support you can ‘watch’ how the creative juices flow (or dribble) in an author’s private space (their 'shed') on the site.  There you can read the author’s blog, watch interviews and meet other, like-minded, supporters.

If you really fancy pushing the boat out and promise a lot of cash, then you get an invite to the book launch!!

Unsurprisingly,  Unbound was founded by three writers: Dan Kieran, Justin Pollard & John Mitchinson and is both a funding platform and a publisher, fulfilling all the normal publishing functions.


Unbound - Split a book's net profit 50/50 with the author. 

They keep worldwide or English language rights, but this can vary on a project by project basis which can be negotiated in the contract. 


Pitch your next publication or get your wallet out and visit www.unbound.co.uk

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Katrine Brosnan

Katrine Brosnan’s illustration work has a tactile quality. Even if the artwork is digitally finished, her work retains the mark-making of the watercolours, ink or other media she uses. She has always been concerned with making something with a physical presence in a fast-paced, transient world, which has led her into the ink 'splodge-d' art form of traditional illustration.

‘Light Sauce’, collaboration with Rose Robbins, Edition of 50, risograph printed 16pp book, November 2014

Katrine recently created two collaborative book projects, ‘Japanese Poems Steal Brains’, a book of 100 haikus by Haiku Salut that she fully illustrated (available from all good bookshops and here and ‘Light Sauce’ an illustrative collaboration with Rose Robbins. This was the result of posting observational drawings to each other and then finishing them off with imaginary shadows.


‘Emotional colour chart’ watercolour and ink drawing, January 2015


Watercolour and ink drawing from ‘When Pete met Petra’, December 2014


She has also created her own illustrated books, including ‘When Pete met Petra’ following the lives of two pigeons who meet whilst attempting to negotiate survival in the city.  At the moment she is developing ideas for children’s picture books. Her fascination with this genre is the continuing relevance and resilience of the printed picturebook in a digital age.


Luminous Jellyfish, watercolour on paper, December 2014

Her most recent work shows her development in a looser, more painterly and less graphic illustration style. She predominantly uses watercolours, ink and printmaking techniques. Drawing with a nibbed pen and ink has led her to believe ink has a life of its own, and she has gradually allowed it to appear in places she never intended it to.

Her work is often humorous and presents familiar objects or situations from a new or unusual perspective. This is something she explored during her fine art degree at Nottingham Trent University and has continued to since.

Katrine is a Freelance Illustrator and artist based in Hertfordshire. She has completed commissions for a variety of clients including The Flannels Group, Pretty Dandy, LeftLion Magazine, Hello Thor, Sundown Arts, the bands Haiku Salut and Elephants and Castles.


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