Ben Cove

Ben was featured artist during 2015.  Sadly he passed away in 2016 and we have kept this 'feature' as a reminder of the remarkable work he produced.  He was one of the most friendly and professional artists we have worked with.  Providing what we needed and on time.  It was a pleasure to get to know him a little through our extended email conversations.


An initial training in architecture fed directly into Ben Cove’s art practice, particularly in terms of the physical and cultural legacies of Modernist practices and their associated visual languages.

Dissenter, acrylic on panel, 50x62.5cm, 2015

He was primarily interested in forms of construction: the processes and languages of building; the construction of historic and personal narratives; the manner in which hierarchies are established and their relationship to the individual; notions of endeavour, failure or collapse and the relationship of the body to that which is designed and built around it. He made work across a range of media with individual works often conceived to form coexisting relationships to one another, frequently formulated with specific spaces in mind.


Freeloader, acrylic on panel, 40x40cm, 2014

Ben Cove lived and worked in London. After studying for undergraduate degrees in Architecture (University of Nottingham 1992-1995) and Fine Art (Sheffield Hallam University 1998-2001) he worked from a studio in Manchester for 5 years. In 2006 he relocated to London to undertake an MFA at Goldsmiths College (2006-2008) and to take up a place on the Acme Fire Station work/live residency for 4 years.


Interloper, acrylic on panel, 50x62.5cm, 2014

He exhibited extensively in the UK, and overseas. Solo exhibitions include New Plastic Universal at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester in 2004, Practical Mechanics at Cell Project Space, London in 2006, and Vernacular Hangover at the Acme Project Space, London in 2013. He was included in exhibitions at Dalla Rosa Gallery in London, Airspace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent (touring to Japan) and Galerie Patrick Ebensberger in Berlin. In July 2015 he took part in The London Open at the Whitechapel Gallery, a triennial exhibition “showcasing some of the most dynamic work being made across the capital in 2015.”


Eve, digital print from 1972 American Press photographs, 3 paintings, 450x300cm approx, 2013


More details about Ben Cove's work:

Ben Cove: ‘I don’t want to make work that is comfortable’, Writing in Relation

Painting ‘time-lapse’

Ben Cove - painting 'timelapse' from Simple Sites for Complex Things on Vimeo.



Featured artist on show in Cupboard

Emily Speed, one of our previously featured artists, is currently showing work at Mrs. Rick's Cupboard, a tiny gallery located in an artist's studio at Primary Nottingham.

Mrs Rick’s Cupboard was initiated by Craig Fisher and involves asking emerging and established contemporary artists to develop and present artwork in innovative exhibitions and events within an unconventional gallery setting.

The artists exhibiting in the gallery are asked to respond to the unique demands of the space. 


For more information about Emily's current show and this unusual exhibition space, visit


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