Bobby Sayers

One to watch, Bobby Sayers forces us to question the value, function and beauty of our everyday environment. Sayers uses sculpture, photography, curation and participatory performance as a means of translating his ideas. Though elements of his practice seem disparate, they are all connected through his philosophy of highlighting beauty within the ‘now’.

Sayers is best known for his site-specific sculpture and photography, such as Nottingham Colours, where he draws our attention to the simple beauty of the urban landscape, asking the viewer to reconsider the images taken around each gallery he exhibits. Using sculptural pins to highlight certain elements within each of the images, he then extracts forms and shapes, transforming them into large, colourful, shiny and textural objects that abstract the original form; this allows the viewer to reinvent their function as they are removed from their original context.

During a recent residency in Czech Republic, Sayers produced a one-on-one spoken performance, Krásné Svět (Beautiful World), during which he gave away small sculptures that functioned simultaneously as viewing portals and decorative necklaces, allowing each participant to see ‘beauty’ as they look through them.

Sayers seems to hunt for function and beauty not only within landscapes but also within his position as an artist and the systems of art he is involved in. A recent project that questions these concepts is Weather Gallery, a small portable pop-up gallery that fits into a trolley bag, in which the artist acts as director, curator and invigilator. Speaking to us, Sayers described how he has been experimenting with this alternative gallery, “Weather Gallery focuses on an informal, highly connected and formative experience for the audience, as the invigilator I perform the task of relating and engaging with both the works and the audience.”

Bobby Sayers is an artist and curator based in London. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA in Fine Art. Recently completed a residency as part of the Wild Project in Czech Republic, which has 3 shows to follow in 2014; these will take place in Motorcade/Flash Parade in Bristol, Primary in Nottingham and Xero, Kline & Coma in London. Currently he is touring Czech Republic working on a series of artist workshops.

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