Rachel Wrigley

Rachel Wrigley works with various forms of documentation including photographs and casted objects. By manipulating, deconstructing and distorting the architecture and objects that are within the documents, she attempts to invent new forms, positioning them between the photographic two dimensional image and the three dimensional realm.

Her playful exploration of paper and its potential as a sculptural material, allows her to re-imagine the way we create spaces and household objects. Her visually tactile paper casts focus on the membrane of an object; lifting off the skin like some kind of residual coating. These delicate works muffle the object by subtly changing its form.

Wrigley provides a distorted version of reality by investigating space as a moveable, impermanent fixture, questioning where the line lies between faithful representation and invented reality.

Rachel graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2012 with a BA in Fine Art: Sculpture. She has recently completed a residency at PAPER Gallery in Manchester, and will have a solo exhibition of works that respond to her residency there in the New Year.

'Beach Hut.' 2013. Digital print, paper, polyboard

'Chest,' 2012. Paper, steel. 69 x 67 x 36 cms

'Hexagonal Spaces.' 2013. Digital print, paper.42 x 59cms

'Paused Descent,' 2012. Foam, Vinyl. Approx 180 x 180cms

For more details about Rachel's work visit www.rachelwrigley.blogspot.co.uk or  via Twitter: @rachelwrigley1


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