Rachel Welford

Based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Rachel Welford works to commission creating bespoke architectural glass artwork, including window, door and wall panels, screens and installations for any architectural application. Rachel also produces artwork in glass and paper based media following her own independent creative ideas making artworks and installations for gallery, domestic interior or exterior environments.

Image: Branches, 2011. Window panel, 2m x 1m, Sandblasted and water-jet cut glass and mirror in painted beech frame.
In the background is: ‘Surface’, 2011, Drawing, 1m x 1m, Graphite powder and black powder pigment on paper.

Creating work that plays with light, reflection, and translucency, Rachel’s recent artwork interacts with its environment. The position or movement of the viewer, along with transitory conditions such as variations in natural light or weather create shadows and reflections within the artwork that come and go. These constantly changing artworks allow new detail and discoveries each time the works are viewed.

Rachel’s imagery is often taken from an artwork’s surroundings, adding an extra layer of reflection or repetition, inviting the viewer to examine closely which images are coming from where, what is reflection, what is real, what is shadow.

Inspired primarily by light and it’s interaction with reflective surfaces, Rachel mixes reflective and matt, transparent or translucent surfaces, layering them to create visually delicate works with complex spatial relationships. Light could actually be seen as the raw material here, which, through interaction with the glass and its various surfaces becomes transformed to create the artwork. It is not the glass itself, but what the glass does that matters.

Techniques include silvering, layering, sandblasting, water-jet cutting, fusing, painting and enamelling as well as traditional stained glass.

Branches, 2011. Detail showing shadows that appear when sunlight falls on the artwork.

Branches, 2011. Detail showing how the artwork changes in different lighting. In this shot there is strong daylight behind the artwork, with light passing through sandblasted mirror. The square water-jet cut hole allows a glimpse of the sharp image behind the front layer of frosted glass.

More details about Rachel's work can be found on her website: www.rachelwelford.co.uk
Via her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Rachel-Welford-artist
or on Twitter: www.twitter.com/rachelwelford

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