If you need to distribute digital items such as e-books, video, sound or pdfs, Gumroad is an excellent platform to start.

It works like a giant digital shop where you can very simply upload your item, set up a sales page for it, decide how much to sell it for and then just let the world know.  Gumroad deal with all the technicalities - take payment then deliver your item to your buyer.

Their payment section is exceptionally simple - one of the simplest and cleanest we have seen and the nice thing is you can give things away for free.  Just set a price of $0 Zero and visitors can download your material without charge.  If there is money involved they take all major credit cards and charge you 5% plus a 25cent transaction fee.

You can set up special offers, discount codes as well as limiting product sales (for limited editions for example)

There is also a nice option for your potential purchaser to give what they feel is a good price (pay what you want).  Gum road don’t charge a monthly fee or registration so you can be up and running very quickly.

Of the past year they have honed and developed their site.  They now offer a system to rent items (which is good for video/film), you can embed sales pages in your website or blog and they keep a useful range of statistics and analytics so you can see how is downloading and buying.

We have been using it for a while now to manage one of our free e-publications.  We just distribute the web link for the page and visitors can download the item free of charge.  If you would like to try it you can use this link

(just add $0 (zero) when you get to the payment screen and your e-publication will be delivered to your email address immediately.

Or use the button below which Gumroad generate for you:  

Download for FREE

A nice touch is that you can arrange (by ticking a box) for your digital item to be ‘stamped’ with the buyer’s information. In our e-publication, which is dowloaded as a pdf file, the buyer’s email address is added to the top of the document so, if they had purchased it and started redistributing it (or reselling it) you would be able to see that. It isn’t an issue for us as we are giving the item away for free but it is a nice personalisation touch never the less.


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