Lulu - is a print-on-demand service which allows you to upload your publication and sell it via their website.

The advantages are enticing. Visitors to their site can find your publication as they browse through the categories or search the collections.  They can preview parts of the book online, place an order, pay with a card and Lulu handles all of it.

Once someone buys your publication, Lulu takes the payment, prints the item and ships it to the buyer. They take a cut of the sale price and give you 80%. The main advantage here is that you do not have to finance a large print run, store the resulting publications and then sell and distribute them.

They are one of the leading providers in the field and have published over a million and a half books since 2002.

Thousands of new titles are uploaded onto the site each day and they have around one million authors selling to 100 countries, so there is certainly a global market place here.  They also offer

They allow you to publish books, photo books, CDs and DVDs and you can buy your own ISBN number to help with identification and listings at other publisher outlets. There is also an option to allow digital downloads in the form of e-books, if you want to distribute electronically.  Using Lulu you can sell via Amazon, Barns & Nobel and iBooks.  It seems that publishers who use both paper and electronic services sell 30% more!

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