Procrastination. How do you do it?

We all do it - procrastinate, that is!

Some evidence of this is our 'Distractions' section here on  There are times when it is easier to look in another direction (often via the web) rather than tackle the next job.

This may be because it is a difficult one, looks like it might be time-consuming, is something you have decided isn't going to be successful or you are just unfocused (which is fine some days!).

So - how do you deal with not getting things done?  

Make lists (we have ways to help here): start with the easy jobs and work your way to difficult; do it the other way round or just don't do anything.

If you look around the bookshops and self-help corners of the web, you will see that there is no shortage of advice.

A helpful suggestion, from one of our advisors, was always make phone calls first thing in the morning and do it standing up!  We tried it - it works.  Often those calls are problematic - perhaps you need to chase something up, check if you got a grant/job/show, battle with your mobile phone company.  The impending anxiety, even if only slight, often makes you leave them until later.  Getting them done early in the day does have a remarkable effect:

They never seem to be as difficult as you thought.

You get them out of the way and clear the day for more interesting things.

You don't think about them all day and then make the call when you are tired and distracted.

Alex Mathers, who has been running an informative website with helpful advice for creatives, since 2009, put together a list of 10 key ways to combat procrastination.

Take a look - some of them seem obvious, but sometimes you just need to have what you already know reinforced - or be given 'permission' from an expert.

We like number 10!

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