More Self-Promotion for Artists

Over at Red Bubble they have just published the next part of their "Self Promotion For Artists" series.

Although it is aimed at a more graphic and maker/craft/illustration area of the arts, and some of the advice is squarely aimed in that direction, it is certainly worth looking through so that you can select some of the suggestions for your own field.


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Self Promotion for Artists

Self promotion is often a difficult aspect of professional life for artists to deal with.

We are constantly told NOT to blow our own trumpets but still need to let people know how good we are.  There is a fine balance between arrogance and clear self-promotion.

Over at RedBubble, which works with a wide range of artists to help them produce and distribute physical products, they have an insightful overview, by Beth Douglas,  about how to deal with self-promotion. Some of the techniques might just fit the way you would like to be ‘seen’.

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