The Art Crit

Artists need some form of critical feedback and the art school ‘crit’ is one place many of you might find it.

Interestingly, there are a variety of different approaches dependent on the ethos of the art school/course, the staff, the academic learning outcomes, the students and the studio culture.

How do you ‘use’ and ‘capture’ what you hear at college and - once you leave - where do you get that critical feedback?  As an independent artist it is challenging enough trying to organise your studio, exhibitions, projects, residencies, sales, and life, apart from trying to remain actively critical. Sometimes it is close to impossible if you are not part of a studio or artist collective.

Q-art, an organisation run by students and graduates, might be just the place to start.  They focus on the ‘crit’ and run monthly sessions at art colleges around the country.  Here you can take your work along, have it viewed by artists and academics and discuss other work within a critical framework.

They also publish some excellent books on aspects of the crit, the art world and art education, which are available to download and also as physical paper.

If you are serious about critical engagement with your work - take a look at their easy to navigate website for more information.  Make sure you watch their "Art Crits - 2 questions" video too.


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