Working for Money or Passion?

It is an age-old question and one which troubles artists of all flavours.  

Do you do what you do JUST for the cash - to fund an exciting lifestyle?
Do you do what you do to SURVIVE - simply to pay the bills?
Do you do what you do because it excites the hell out of you - the PASSION

Over at the lovely Red Lemon Club, Alex Mathers has written an interesting overview of this ‘sticky’ topic. 

He writes:- "Your creativity and love for the work should not be compromised and doesn’t have to be, even if money is guiding the way."

Take a look at the full article here and, while you are on the site, have a rummage around - it has a wealth of practical advice for ‘creatives’ of all types, written in an accessible and direct style.  You might want to sign up to their mailing list to receive updates and news - we did.


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