Packing your Work

At some point you will sell something!  That warm feeling of cash coming in is often wiped out by the stress of getting the work you just sold to the person who just purchased it.

It is wonderful if the buyer is local, so you can deliver it personally and begin to establish a face-to-face relationship with them.  You never know – this might just be the start.  However, you are going to have to ship items to long-distance buyers and the work has to arrive in perfect condition.

Flinging something into a ‘jiffy’ bag and crossing your fingers just won’t hack it in a professional environment.  Much of what you need to do is simple and obvious but, if it is your first time doing it, or you could do with some extra advice, SaatchiArt have put together a useful article on how to pack work for shipping.  It covers paintings and sculpture and lists most of the common stages.  Some do seem a little obvious – like protecting the address label with clear tape to stop it getting pulled off during transport, but some people just don’t do that and their delivery is delayed.

Saatchi cover:

  • Packing framed & unframed paintings
  • Sculpture for shipping
  • Custom wooden crates
  • Practical tips

Your buyer is paying a reasonable amount of money for something they clearly love (your work) and, in some cases may be paying a great deal of money for it. It is important that the process of delivery is effortless for the buyer so they receive their new acquisition in perfect condition, as quickly as possible.

Take a look on Saatchiart for all the details.


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