Save when you call 0845 numbers

Although communications have become much cheaper and convenient over the past few years, phone bills can be shockingly high sometimes.  A lot of this is to do with excessive changes from phone companies when you call no geographic numbers, or some of the specialist numbers which are advertised.  

Some of the 0845 numbers can cost you a lot, particularly if you call them from a mobile - even if not, you can rack up some eye-watering bills when you are ‘waiting’ for customer services to get on the line and help you.  Some mobile providers charge you to call numbers which are normally free from landlines (0800) and if you are waiting to talk to someone your apparently ‘free’ call can be very expensive.

One solution is to use ‘actual’ numbers rather than the non-geographic numbers companies advertise.  When you call an 0842,3,4,5 number they actually connect you to a normal (geographic) number, but charge you extra for the convenience of being able to use that number no mater where you are in the country.  Some companies actually make money from these numbers, taking a ‘cut’ from the increased charge made by the telecoms provider!

Finding the ‘real’  number for a company can be difficult - unless you use

The site lists many well known companies and their equivalent geographic numbers.  You can search for the actual number, or company name, and view a list of ‘real’ numbers to call, which will often cost you much less than the ones advertised.

If, like us, you have a landline which provides free local and national calls, you can just look up the geographic number and reduce your phone bill significantly.  We have been using for a while and found it really helpful.

Obviously, it isn’t for everyone, and if you are making a very quick call from your mobile, it may not be helpful but, if you are going to be on the line for 45 mins waiting for customer service - then this could offer you significant savings.

The site has been featured on various BBC programs, national newspapers and money saving websites and is acknowledged as being a useful way of cutting down on excessive phone charges.

Try them out at


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