Totally free land line calls and a saving on your current line rental.

This is a great offer if you use a traditional land line phone and also want to make free local and international calls.

Vonage is an internet phone company which sends all your calls digitally over the Internet. To use their service, you just need a broadband Internet connection.

It is very simple to use. You sign up with them and they send you a small box which you plug into your broadband connection. You then plug your land line phone into the Vonage box and that's it.

Pick up your phone, make a call and instead of it going down a phone line provided by BT or Virgin or whoever you currently use, it goes down your broadband connection, through the Internet and connects to whoever you are calling at the other end. You would never know - your caller will never know. The call quality is very good and it is free.



You don’t need a phone line from a traditional telecom provider, so immediately save the £16.00 per month you are paying for that.

You don’t pay for calls in the UK, so save on that, too.

They have a number of monthly and annual plans with items you can add for extra felxibility.

The basic 'Entry' plan costs £7.00 per month giving you free UK calls plus UK mobiles cost 8p/min. The next price plan includes unlimited calls to the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong & Singapore then they have one with unlimited calls to 68 countries!! Plans go up to around £24.00 per month so there is something for everyone.

If that wasn’t enough, there are a shed load of features which are part of the package, including caller ID, so you can see who is calling before you answer, call waiting, diversion to another number as well as an online answering machine so you can retrieve your messages from any phone or via their web page.  They also have message to email so if someone leaves you a voice message it will type it up and email it to you.  

One other, curious, little feature is that you can travel with your Vonage connection and still receive your calls as though you were at home.  Unplug your Vonage box, plug it back into any broadband connection anywhere in the world and when someone rings you at home, the phone rings where you are!!  Ideal for the international traveling artist!

The small print

Vonage charge you an activation fee and postage to deliver your Vonage box but offer a risk-free 30-day trial with a no-hassle money back guarantee and make it clear that...”If for any reason you wish to cancel your service within 30 days of purchase, we'll refund your money with no questions asked.”

Get more details here: www.vonage.co.uk

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