There are some simple methods for sending large files across the web but we think this might just be the simplest.  And ‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘useless’!!

Many email providers limit the size of files you can send through their system and, generally, this isn’t a problem.  A few holiday shots will not clog up the services but, if you use email professionally, to send files (large images and videos, presentations or designs), then it is a real problem.

WeTransfer solves the issue in three clicks and, what is really nice is, you don’t have to register with them.

Go to www.wetransfer.com

In the little window on the left of the page, click on “+Add files” (Click 1)

Select the file you want to send which can be up to 2GB (Click 2)

Enter the email address where you want to send the file to.

Add a message if needed.

Click “Transfer”. (Click 3)

It really is that simple.

They do have a “Plus” version which lets you send up to 10 GB files, you can customise your own background screen (which might be useful for ‘branding), the transfers can be password protected and you can store the files for longer.  That will cost you $10 per month paid annually.

However, unless you have lots of massive files to send the basic, free, version will probably make your life just as efficient.

WeTransfer started in 2009 and is based in Amsterdam.  Their mission is “…to create a platform that allows anyone in the world to send large files, free of stress and of charge.”  which they do remarkably well.

We like stress-free and simple!



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If, like us, you have struggled to send large files to people you are working with, exhibition curators and printers this might be useful.

hightail.com allows you to send very large files (or small ones as well) to anyone with an email address. You can have a free account which gives you 2GB of cloud storage and the ability to send files up to 250 MB!  Our email provider has a limit of 3MB and sometimes that just isn’t enough.  Their paid packages let you move even larger files.

Using the service is simple - register for an account.  If you want to take advantage of their 14 day 'Professional' trial, give them your card details.  If not, don't and you will be given a free account.  Once you have this, add the email address of the person you want to send the file to, add a message, select the file from your computer then click ‘Send It’, - that's about it.  Your link expires 7 days later so there is a useful security service there in that your files are not accessible if the link is shared.

In addition to sending large files from a computer or mobile device you can also share project folders with others you may be working with which is great for a joint exhibition of project collaboration.  So, apart from being able to send files you also have cloud storage and can access things you store there from any of your devices.  A practical solution of you are working in the studio, on the train, at a gallery and need your statement or work photos.  

So, save yourself a little time and frustration by not messing about trying to send large files via email and give this one a go.

Founded in 2004, Hightail was one of the really early adopters of cloud storage.  They began as a simple file transfer service but have grown into an online sharing, storage and file management service. The company now serves more than 40 million registered users across 193 countries and 98 percent of the Fortune 500.  Quite a robust service then!



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