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If you are a list maker, you will love this.  If you are a minimalist you will love this more!

Dropdo.com is a startlingly simple online list maker.

Go to the site - you don't even need to make an account or log in - add an item in the box, hit return and you have the first in your list.

Then just add more!

You can delete items from the list - make them all as 'done' and clear the lot.  That's about it.

We don't think it could be any simpler and it just does what it says it will.  In fact it is so minimal it doesn't even say what it does.  There is no "about us" page, no upgrade to a premium version - nothing intact - just a way to make lists.

This could be just the 'screen' you need to keep on top of your 'to dos'.



Dropdo began life as a site which let you upload images, documents, audio or video files and share them with anyone, simply by sending them a link.  That was also incredibly simple and easy to use.  Somewhere along the way that stopped and the list maker appeared.  We have no idea about when this happened as they don't have any other information on their site - charmingly refreshing in a world full of textual overload!

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