Launched in 2011, MyIdeasBook  is an online 'sketchbook'  and space to bring together your images, words, links, notes and musings, accesible from any connected screen.  Just the type of workspace you, as a connected artist, might find brilliantly practical.

There are other 'clip and collect' repositories around - Evernote being one of the 'big players', but MyIdeasBook is substantially different in that it has been produced by artists for artists.

If you are anything like us, working with online information, design packages and research portals can be chaotic.  Stuff everywhere, files in different folders, links to brilliant websites spread across the hard disc, photos in iPhoto, some in folders, some on that other hard drive, some in the ‘cloud’, bits of text and clippings all over he place... And we are relatively organised!! is a site which wants you to be creative and provides you with a space and structure to do just that?  The idea is that you have an online, private space, to gather material, reposition it, annotate it and be inspired to do “things creative”.  Now, that will mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but this is a great idea put together by artist Binita Walia and some visually sensitive web developers.  

What is also interesting is that there is “connection” here.  Once registered, you have access to other users of the service (the community) and can have a peek at what they are up to - that might be just enough to give you the confidence you need to do what you were going to do anyway, or provide you with some unexpected inspiration.  Think of it as the 'studio culture' without a physical studio and the kettle!

We always love it when artists put things together like this - and are able to produce something visually beautiful which actually works.  In an increasingly connected world - this as a private, online, sketchbook, which you can ‘get at’ from any connected screen.

There is an introduction video here which gives you an overview of how the 'sketchbook' works and what you could do with it.

You can have a 30 day free trial to investigate if it is the right platform for you and, after tha,t it costs $9.00 per month which gives you 10 books with unlimited images, documents and web links.

One nice touch is that they include a  featured 'Artist in Residence' on the site - people who are already using the service.  One of them, Rachel Welford, was featured here  a while ago.  Great minds!!!

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