Evernote - remembers everything.  A bit of a tall order but this nifty website and application really tries to do just that for you.

It is part of the trendy concept of cloud-computing.  Basically everything is stored ‘out there’ in a cloud of connected computers. So, whatever you have stored can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

Evernote allows you to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like, then find them quickly from any connected device - for free. The idea is that you can snap a photo, write a note, clip a web page and have it all stored in your account at Evernote. Everything you capture is automatically indexed and made searchable and, if you want to, you can add tags and key words to help with that organisation.

When you want something, you log on and search by keywords, title and tags. What is particularly clever is that the system can make printed and handwritten text inside images searchable, too.

We had this demonstrated in a Chinese restaurant in Notting Hill. Our tech-savvy friend took a photo of our bill on his phone, uploaded it to Evernote and then logged in to search for the amount we paid. Evernote had already scanned, indexed and organised the information and found the piece of paper almost instantly. Now, we had just paid and could still remember the price, but it did demonstrate just how fast and flexible this system might be.

If you need to have everything in one place and that place accessible everywhere, Evernote may be just the answer.  Great for research and organising the 'bits'.



For some suggestions on how Evernote might be used in a broader (business/personal) context, take a look at Michael Hyatt's "12 surprising ways to use Evernote"



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