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No - it isn't a 'typo'  - Gjetting Creative is a site founded by creative director Jon Angelo Gjetting, based in Denmark.

It's main subheading is "Inspire, develop & celebrate creativity" and it does that from a professional standpoint.  There is a wealth of inform action here which will have particular resonance with people starting their own creative activities, the creative entrepreneur, the culturally creative and artists (of all persuasions) who can gather advice from a broad range of postings.

The site specifically segments items into The Business and The Science of Creativity - which is a curious 'take' and throws up some stimulating observations.  You will also find items on 'The Creative Life" - which, unlike some of the less successful sites online - it includes information which might just act as a stimulant for your own ideas.

This isn't your normal 'Art/creativity' site and is valuable because of its slightly 'different' view of what creativity might be.  Beautifully designed, lots of white (we like white!), clearly presented and well written.  Bookmark it for a 'distracting dip' when you need 'another view'.  We do!!




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Janet Harling, one of our artist advisors from Sweden, was in town and drew our attention to this remarkable site for art and visual culture.

She uses it extensively in her lectures and workshops, which she delivers to 'soon to be' art teachers, and has been waxing lyrical about the remarkable content on the site.  Launched in 2010, it has been nominated for a "Webby" (sort of the Oscar of the web world).  We took a quick look and are completely hooked.  So much so that we have already ordered a book, which was being featured, and spent far too much time wandering around the sections.  Perhaps it should be in our 'distractions' section.

That said, have a look: www.thisiscolossal.com there is certainly something which will prompt you to wonder.  We really like this building in Margate, by British designer Alex Chinneck:

Photo by Stephen O’Flaherty - Link to article  The video is worth a look too!

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