5 Ways to Make Your Mark

Christina-Louise Frost offers some timely advice to artists who are about to make their mark.

In a professional sense, a large part of your success depends on what people think of your work. You won’t sell a painting to someone who doesn’t like it. However, getting started greatly depends on you – Whether or not you make an impression. Try our top 5 tips:

1. Organise some business cards and don’t be afraid to actually use them! If someone directly asks you for one then that’s great, but leaving them at galleries or degree shows, for example, will also benefit you. The more you give out, the more likely it is that people will take notice.

2. When you get in contact with someone via email, be sure to include a link to your website/blog. This will show that you are professional and organised.

3. Get others to remember you, by remembering them. Taking the time to learn a little bit about someone who could help you will really make you stand out.

4. Don’t try too hard. It’s really important that people don’t remember you for the wrong reasons. Although you’re proud of something that you’ve accomplished (and you should be), a laidback, modest approach is vital. You don’t want to be remembered as arrogant.

5. Keep up to date. When you try tip number 2, make sure that there is actually something worth seeing on your website. If people bother to look at your work only to see that it isn’t current, you will come across as dated, unprofessional and lazy.


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