Approaching a Gallery

Gallery director, art collector and advisor, Jonathan Ross gives you his top 5 tips for approaching a gallery. 


  • 1. Go to art fairs and check out as many galleries as possible so as to identify one that might be sympathetic to your work. If you find a good one, introduce yourself and leave a card but don’t take up too much of their time. They are there to sell.
  • 2. Find out the name of the gallerist. If you are e-mailing out of the blue, do not address your e-mail dear Sir/Madam. I delete anything like that as it shows that the artist has not bothered to do any research and is probably just going through a directory and bulk-mailing. Gallerists like to feel they are special and that it is their gallery you want to show at, not just any gallery.
  • 3. When you find a gallery you like, try to get on their mailing list and go to as many private views as you can. Show the gallerist you are interested in the artists they exhibit and like the way they do things. Talk to other members of the gallery staff. If you become a regular and even a friend, the gallerist will think well of you and may begin to take an interest in your work.
  • 4. Get a good website. E-mailing jpegs is a good introduction to your work but an e-mail with a link to an easily navigable website allows you to present a much larger quantity of work which the gallerist can spend time looking at when they are in the mood. Don’t bother sending CDs. They may never get looked at and even if they are, the gallerist will need to store them somewhere or feel guilty about binning them.
  • 5. If the gallerist shows an interest in your work, invite them to your studio/house and offer them lunch, dinner, or at least a drink. Having a gallerist is like any other relationship – you want it to be fun and so do they. If they enjoy your company they will want to spend time with you and look forward to working with you. Exhibitions can be like love affairs with someone who lives abroad: keenly anticipated, brief and intense, followed by long periods in between when you occasionally write or telephone, just to keep in touch. (It is not necessary to have an affair with your gallerist).

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